Page School Halloween Happenings

The WNTPO and the staff at the Page school are working together on some fun fall/Halloween activities for the kids. Here’s a list of things we have planned…

Classroom Door Contest – Monday, 10/30/17

  • Open to all classrooms/offices/etc.
  • Teacher and students will work together to create a Halloween door display with an educational component.
  • The top 3 doors in the following 3 categories will win a prize – Most Original, Best Representation of Class Participation and Best Educational Component.
  • Doors will be judged by the student council President, Vice President and Secretary on Monday morning.

Prizes will be awarded to the classrooms with the best door in each category.

Jack O’Lantern Contest – Monday, 10/30/2017

  • Open to all Page School students in grades PK-6
  • Students will make their Jack O’Lanterns at home and bring them to school on Monday morning (We suggest that they bring them in a cardboard box or something that will make them transportable on the bus, etc.)
  • Volunteers will be waiting in the school cafeteria to take the pumpkins and set them up on the stage. Each pumpkin will be assigned an anonymous number and be judged within its grade level.
  • Students will be asked to vote for their favorite pumpkins during their lunch period.
  • At the end of the day Mr. Gray will announce the winners (each grade will have a winner that will win a $5 gift card from FiveBelow). The kids are asked to please take their pumpkins home at the end of the day.

“Fall Into a Good Book” night – Wednesday, 11/08/17

  • Open to all Page School families
  • Please join us at 6:00 (children are welcome to come in their pajamas!) with a children’s book donation of your choice (great chance to recycle some old children’s/YA books that are in good shape but that you may have outgrown). Deposit the books in the cafeteria where volunteers will be collecting them and laying them out.
  • 4-6 parents or teachers will be reading different level books in 4-6 different classrooms around the school. We will have 3 – 20 minute reading blocks so the kids will have an opportunity to visit with 3 different teachers. Enjoy the classroom door decorations as you walk from class to class!
  • 7:30 – “story time” ends and students are welcome to come back to the cafeteria and adopt a new=to-them book on their way home.

If you have any Questions or would like to volunteer your time to help with the Jack O’Lantern contest &/or “Fall Into a Good Book” night, please contact Marie Felzani at