Order School Supplies through School Toolbox!

We are happy to announce that we have chosen to sell prepackaged school supplies for the next school year through School Tool Box. Place your order online and it will be DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS.

You will have the option to CUSTOMIZE your order by adding or removing items from the teacher-approved list. Already have a ruler or scissors? Remove them. Need an additional box of crayons for home or supplies for a sibling? Add them. It’s that simple! Order today!

Please order by August 8th, orders ship within 10 days.

Cost of box by grade

Kindergarten – $32.08
1st Grade – $43.44
2nd Grade – $45.20
3rd Grade – $47.07
4th Grade – $85.96
5th Grade – $75.55
6th Grade – $61.16

Click here to order.

School Tool Box Flyer